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He’s So Sweet (an original story)

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For hours, Yasmine has tried to comfort her best friend, Emily, seemingly in vain, but who can blame her when her friend’s fiancé had disappeared without a trace and answers are nowhere to be found?

“Are you okay now?”  Yasmine asks as the last tears seem to have been shed.

“Yeah, thanks.”  Emily replies as she tries to squeak by a thin smile.

She has the sweetest smile, he thought.

 * * *

As Emily closes the door behind her friend, her eyes drift to the coat hanger nearby.  A long, pink jacket holds gracefully to a little hook.  He got it at a friend’s consignment shop the day they dropped by.  She had just lost her favorite jacket, and there it was, in a customer’s hand, before his sharp eyes and quick wits convinced the reluctant woman to choose another.

It is not the jacket that drew her attention, however.  A packet of M&Ms protrudes from the left pocket, with a glimpse of the goodies inside its gaping opening.  She had found it in his lab the day he disappeared, partly ripped and its contents seemingly fresh.  Emily would have left the packet alone were it not for the banner screaming “Surprise Inside!”

Emily walks over to the hanger and takes the jacket.  She squeezes it, and can almost smell his cologne on it.  She knows, though, it was only her imagination, for he has been gone for four days now.  Her left hand slides down into the pocket, pulling out the packet of chocolate extravagance. She pulled out a green piece, and then notices a white one with arms and legs.  It looked just like one of those little guys in the M&M commercials.  She smiled, amidst all that was happening around her. The idea of framing it briefly entered her mind, but she quickly dismissed it as macabre.  She began to place the M&M’s into her mouth.

 * * *

He looks at her beautiful face one last time. There goes that almost invisible birthmark on the left cheek that he always felt like brushing off. There goes that curvy, bulbous lower lip he did not kiss enough. One more time, please.

No, he did not think his wish would be granted. The landmarks flew past and then, just before he went into free fall down the long and dark cleft, blindingly white rocks set into him like a tiger on prey, rupturing the skin and then the body.


Written by Gnostradamus

Tue, 8/23/11 at 1451

Posted in fiction

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