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Many people, including Democrats, held out hopes even after the election of Donald Trump that he would fulfill some of his campaign promises to drain the swamp that is the American body politics.

After appointing white supremacists and billions to just about every cabinet post there is, the merger of the federal government with multinationals is almost complete. (Read this excellent piece from MarketWatch if you haven’t: CEOs pandering to Trump risks dangerous ‘caudillo capitalism’.)

As Mr. Coumarianos pointed out, the United States of America is moving inexorably towards Russian-style crony capitalism, where businesses thrive (or not) based on their friendliness with the leader of the country.

First, the Supreme Court gave human rights (freedom of speech) to corporations, fulfilling the lawyer’s trick of giving corporations personhood. Then, Republicans prevented a legitimate president from nominating a Supreme Court nominee for a year, and the Democrats barely put up a fight (because more than a third of rank-and-file agreed it is reasonable). Finally, the businessman is given the key to the highest halls of power.

The installment of Donald Trump to the White House is the ultimate victory of neoliberalism: The federal government is officially for sale. Welcome to the end of the democratic experiment in America.


Written by Gnostradamus

Tue, 1/3/17 at 2058

Posted in election, politics

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