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The United States of America is dead. Long live the USA (as a second nation).

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More and more people are realizing that there’s no point arguing with Trumpsters. They are emotional, and don’t respond to facts. As my previous post explained, their mix of religious morality and business ethics means evidence is meaningless. While on an individual basis, we can make friends with these people and nudge them back towards reality, most people except the likes of Bernie Sanders cannot speak to thousands, even millions at time. So it is a lost cause trying to win back the country.

And because of the unrivaled success of neoliberalism to color our view of everything from health care to national defense, any electoral victories will be short-lived, a mere reprieve from even harsher rule of the dollar.

The only way for sane people who want a peaceful, inclusive society is to rebuild one themselves. We must adopt the rhetoric of the Trumpsters, from states’ rights to FREEEEEEDOM!, to build a Blue America. They say they want competition. Then, let the two Americas compete, side by side.

The country’s lost. We must reboot it, just like when a franchise dies of old age in Hollywood. The longer we wait, the more people will die (from the end of ACA, water pollution, and everything else), and the more wealth and power the 0.1% will have accrued. The chances of that will diminish by each election cycle.

We’ve been fighting since the Civil War. It’s time to let them go.


Written by Gnostradamus

Mon, 2/20/17 at 1955

Posted in election, politics

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