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People who make you feel great don’t always do the job

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Everyone in the world seems to have caught the Klinsmann effect, praising U.S. soccer to the heavens. Although the end was heart-pounding, the U.S. coach got off easy because of Tim Howard’s heroics. The world would’ve looked at U.S. soccer much differently if we had lost by a cricket score to Belgium.

Klinsmann did not have a Plan B. And if you only have one plan, then you need to back up that plan and back up the backup. Instead, we played the whole tournament without a target man, except for the first 17 minutes.

Yet he still has the job, while people are lambasting Landon Donovan for his critique of the coach’s tactics. If you take away Altidore’s appearance, the United States drew two, lost two. 0-2-2 is the Klinsmann legacy.


Written by Gnostradamus

Fri, 7/4/14 at 2013