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Two Fixed Elections in One (could’ve been three)

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With Donna Brazile’s partly revelatory, partly self-serving recounting of Election 2016 (U.S. presidential campaign), the media are predictably talking about the extents to which the Clinton campaign used the DNC as a lackey.

Well, the bigger the story here is that both the major candidates fixed the election. Hillary Clinton stacked superdelegates to render the average voter meaningless. Meanwhile, Donald Trump eagerly sought the help of the biggest American rival, Russia, to hack his own country. Boy, did Vladamir Putin do it right.

So there you have it. Both the Democratic and Republican machinery pre-ordained the ballot results. Clinton focused on the primary election. The one that mattered, of course, was the general election.

Like I said before, American democracy — you can stick a knife in it. The major parties already did.

P.S. I forgot that Brazile disclosed she wanted to replace Clinton with Biden/Booker. No mention of the actual Clinton challenger, Bernie Sanders. Well, that would’ve made it three fixed elections in one round. World record, perhaps?


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Sun, 11/5/17 at 1134

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